Our solutions

The Retirement Benefits Counsellor can help funds ensure that their members

  • understand the benefits on offer
  • understand the implications of any decisions they make

The responsibility for this counselling lies with the trustees.

A proper retirement benefits counselling plan can add an immense benefit to your members. 

Using a qualified and experienced specialist will help your members make better decisions than having someone from the product supplier or HR talk through the benefit structures.

Some of the specific issues we could help with would include:

  • Explaining, in clear and simple language the investment portfolios for new and current members.  What the options, fees & costs are
  • When a member joins a fund, how they could move their existing savings to the fund.  What options are open to them and what the tax implications are
  • When a member leaves a fund, what are the benefits of leaving the money in the fund and how they can do that
  • How we can improve retirement savings of older members in the 10 year run up to retirement
  • How we can align these members’ investment choices with the type of annuity they will be using
  • For retiring members we would explain the options open to them in terms of withdrawals and annuity choices.  Issues we would cover would include:
    • details of the default annuity
    • the risks associated with the various annuity types
    • the fees and costs

Getting quality guidance on these issues can make a significant difference in the lives of your retirement fund members