How we can help

We can design and implement a retirement benefits counselling strategy for any fund. 

We can, for example

  • Create brochures and info packs
  • Hold group information sessions
  • Run workshops for particular categories of member
  • Do individual counselling

We are good at explaining complicated product structures to people with little or no financial background.

We can do any of the following to groups or through one on one individual counselling sessions.

  • for all members – we can explain the benefit structures and defaults to them
  • for new entrants –  we can explain the benefits and defaults,  show them how they can port their existing funds into the retirement fund.  We would explain the tax implications of these actions.
  • for members leaving the fund –  we can explain the preservation and withdrawal options along with their tax implications
  • for members within 10 years of retirement –  we would explain the default annuity strategies and how they should start aligning their investment portfolios for retirement
  • for retiring members within 6 months of retirement – we would talk through the annuity options

We are flexible and our services can range coming in for once off, one-on-one sessions to visiting a company regularly to assist any members that may need help