We want to make our services as accessible as possible.  To this end we have made a point of setting our prices at an affordable level. 

What we do is important and makes a massive difference in the lives of employees.  We do not want an inflexible pricing structure to prevent the counselling from happening.

We can bill:

  • The fund
  • The company – many of our workshops can be classed as training and paid for out of the training budget
  • The brokerage / consultancy

We are very flexible when it comes to pricing structures and can fit in with the needs of the fund, company or consultants. 

We can work on any of the following bases:

  • Hourly rate
    • For one-on-one counselling
    • For group counselling
    • For workshops
  • Rand amount for workshops
  • Member charge per workshop
  • Retainer of a rand amount per member per month
  • Any combination of the above

Needs will vary from time to time and we will be flexible and sensible when it comes to accommodating the fund’s needs.